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Product Name External dimension (mm) Size of the window (mm) Resolution Application IC
081A 60.5X33.0X9.0 44.0X13.0 4.43X7.93\0.83X0.93 LED Y/G KS0066U
C081B 45.0X36.0X10.0 35.0X13.0 3.70X7.79\0.70X0.93 LED Y/G;RED KS0066F
C081E 84.0X44.0X15.0 61.0X15.8 6.45X10.75\1.25X1.30 LED Y/G KS0066U
082A 58.0X32.0X10.0 38.0X16.0 2.96X5.56\0.56X0.66 LED Y/G KS0066U
C082B 58.0X36.0X10.0 38.0X16.0 2.96X5.56\0.56X0.66 LED Y/G KS0066U
121 59.0X16.0X11.0 49.0X9.0 3.28X5.93\0.6X0.68 LED Y/G KS0066U
161A 80.0X36.0X10.0 64.5X13.8 3.07X6.56\0.55X0.75 LED,EL Y/G;White KS0066U
161B 80.0X36.0X10.0 64.5X13.8 3.07X6.56\0.55X0.75 LED,EL Y/G KS0066U
161E 122.0X33.0X11 99.0X13.0 4.84X9.22\0.92X1.16 LED,EL Y/G KS0066U
C161A 115.0X35.0X10.0 48.9X12.9 3.25X7.23\0.61X0.86
162A 84.0X44.0X11.0 61.0X16.0 2.95X5.55\0.55X0.65 LED,EL KS0070B
C162A 84.0X44.0X11.0 61.0X16.0 2.95X5.55\0.55X0.65 \ KS0070B
162B 84.0X44.0X10.0 61.0X15.8 2.96X5.56\0.528X0.625 LED,EL Y/G,RED KS0070B
C162B 84.0X44.0X11.0 61.0X15.8 2.96X5.56\0.528X0.625 LED Y/G KS0070B
C162C 84.0X44.0X10.0 61.0X15.8 2.95X5.55\0.55X0.65 \ KS0070B
162D 80.0X36.0X10.0 61.0X15.8 2.95X5.55\0.55X0.65 LED,EL Y/G KS0070B
162E 104.6X33.6X2.8 100.0X20.0 4.84X9.63\0.92X1.16 LED Y/G,AMBER,BLUE KS0070B
162G 85.0X36.0X10.0 71.0X15.8 2.95X5.55\0.55X0.65 LED Y/G KS0070B
C162H 80.0X36.0X11.5 65.0X65.2 2.96X5.56\0.56X0.66 LED White KS0065
162I 85.0X32.6X14.0 61.0X15.8 2.96X5.56\0.56X0.66 LED Y/G KS0070B